What Does A Two Year Old Need?

Dr. Corinne Masur

In a recent Dear Prudence column, a mother asked if she needed to move her 2 year old from the day care the child was currently attending. It was a daycare the mother had chosen – a small in-home day care with a loving director and two warm assistants, where the children played all day with the exception of some organized story time and song time. The mother’s mother-in-law was insisting that the child was not getting enough academic stimulation.

Well, what DOES a two year old need? Does a toddler need academic stimulation? And for that matter, does a toddler need socialization with other children? Continue reading

New This Week: The Specifics on How Much Frustration to Allow Your Baby to Feel

Dr. Corinne Masur

A reader of this blog suggested to me that it would be helpful for parents of young children if we were more specific – particularly about such things as when to help our children and when to wait and see whether they are capable of doing certain things themselves. In the spirit of specifics, we present:
A Guide to Raising Competent and Confident Children by Allowing Them to Experience Frustration Continue reading

New Mothering

Dr. Corinne Masur

A couple weeks after the birth of her first baby, one of the women in our mother-infant group came and in and immediately started to cry. “No one told me it would be so hard,” she said. The other women looked on, slightly horrified, as they were all still pregnant. And it was true. No one talks about how hard the transition is from non-mom to new mom. No one talks about the complete loss of autonomy, the feeling of being controlled by your baby, the dramatic change in the relationship with your partner, the extreme vulnerability you feel, how everything hurts your feelings and makes you cry, how hungry you feel for support and how you feel like YOU need nurturing while, in the mean time, you are expected to nurture your baby. Continue reading