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Do you ever feel like it’s too hard to find your way as a parent when faced with the opinions of book authors, television experts, and well-meaning family members? Do you ever wish for a better way of understanding your child’s experiences, emotions, and needs? Well then, read on. On Thoughtful Parenting, you will find a discussion among psychologists and parents about the  issues that we struggle with the most.

Thoughtful Parenting is product of the Parent Child Center, located at 1601 Walnut Street, Suite 1408, Philadelphia, PA 19103. Contact us at 215-763-7353 or by email at ThoughtfulParentingInfo@gmail.com


ts-corinneDr. Corinne Masur is a clinical psychologist and psychoanalyst in private practice in Center City Philadelphia. She particularly enjoys treating young children and their parents.  She is on the faculty of The Psychoanalytic Center of Philadelphia and has written on the subject of early childhood bereavement and taught extensively on child development and childhood psychopathology. Dr. Corinne Masur can be reached at 215-763-7353

To learn more about support groups being offered for parents of infants and toddlers, contact the Parent Child Center at 215-763-7353. Groups are also forming for Dads and an evening group for couples will be open in the future. We are also available for consultation to parents and educational institutions and we can provide referrals for special help such as parent-infant psychotherapy, play therapy for children, and psychotherapy for individuals and couples.

bio Wendy Lias is a licensed social worker in the Philadelphia suburbs. She received her MSSA from Case Western Reserve University in Cleveland, OH and focused on child and adolescent mental health as well as the treatment of substance use disorders.  She is always eager to talk books, games, recipes, and art and hopes to bring a bit more of that to the Thoughtful Parenting community.


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