Working from Home

photo-1585183575305-750ab15467b6Dr. Corinne Masur

So many parents I talk to are working from home and having trouble making it work.

People who are single parents or whose partners are essential workers are alone most of the time and have no one to trade off with on child care.

Or, if parents do have a partner at home, they’re saying that taking turns taking care of the children is hard– especially when they both need to work at the same time but the children can’t manage on their own.

And infants, toddlers, and young children pay NO attention to any schedule you might have decided on.

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housesDr. Corinne Masur

Our past few posts have been positive: great podcasts for kids and teens, resources for parents staying at home with their children, that sort of thing.

But today it feels like time to write a different kind of post.

Parents who I “see” (online) in my “office” (house) have been saying things to me like, “I just had to get out of the house so I went to the store to buy some bread” or “I’ve been babysitting for my niece while school is out so I thought it would be alright to have dinner with her parents and a friend of theirs.”

Staying home is hard. For everyone. People who live alone are feeling incredibly isolated; people who live with their families are feeling incredibly suffocated; children are missing their friends; teenagers are crawling out of their skins not being able to hang out with each other. We have never been through anything like this and it’s hard to know what to do or how to handle this.

But…..we have to.

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Great Podcasts for Kids and Teens


For Little Kids: Little Kids:

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For kids of all ages:

The 25 Best Podcasts for Kids | Common Sense Media

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For Teens:

The Best Podcasts for Teens: 11 Programs They Will Actually Listen To – SheKnows

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Enforced Togetherness

photo-1576089073624-b5751a8f4de9Dr. Corinne Masur

One of the hardest things about this pandemic, other than the anxiety it creates, is the forced home stay. Couples who aren’t used to spending long stretches of time together are suddenly together 24/7. Parents who have never even considered home schooling are having to do just that. Children who are used to the structure and routine of school are home all day, where the refrigerator is always available and where they can say “NO!” in a way they’d never dare to with their teacher.

Nerves can fray. Anger is coming up between partners, between children and parents, between siblings.

It’s extremely hard: There is literally no way to completely take a break from each other for more than a short time.

How to survive?

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Helpful Links for All of Us

We compiled a list of links for everyone staying home these days, including parents, kids, teens, people working from home, bosses, and just plain people:

For all of us:

For those working from home:

For Parents:

For Teens and Parents of Teens

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