Easy Holiday Gift!

barkDr. Corinne Masur
Here is a recipe for the easiest holiday gift EVER – and one that even the youngest kids can help you make.

Holiday Bark
16 oz of your favorite chocolate chips
2 or 3 candy canes
Nuts, raisins or anything else you want to include
  1. Melt chocolate chips over a double boiler or in the microwave  (if you melt on the stove without a double boiler do so at your own risk – you do not want chocolate to burn).  This is the part you need to do without your child’s help as hot chocolate hurts and makes a big mess if it spills).
  2. Pour chocolate into a brownie tin (8×8 or larger if you want thinner bark).
  3. Have your child mix in any nuts or raisins you want included in the bark or save for the top.
  4. Have your other child crush peppermint sticks by pounding on them in a zip log bag.
  5. Have your child/children sprinkle these peppermint crumbs over the chocolate.
  6. Sprinkle any almonds, raisins or other nuts over the peppermint if you want them on top.
  7. Put pan in refrigerator.
  8. After several hours, take pan from refrigerator and remove chocolate from tin. Let your child/children break it up (and eat some) and then package in smaller tins or plastic bags tied with a ribbon.

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