Weekend Roundup

I can only speak for myself; but this week felt long. It might have something to do with my two year old daughter, whom I refer to as my “quokka child.” There’s a meme that floats around periodically that (erroneously) says that when a quokka attempts to flee from a predator, it will throw its joey behind it as a way to distract the predator and escape. Yep. That’s my daughter. She has an uncanny knack for finding and taking pretty much anything that she’s not supposed to have. The moment she realizes that someone is on to her, she takes off at a sprint, throwing her contraband over her shoulder at whomever is chasing her. Though occasionally comical to watch, it’s basically just exhausting. And because I’m still spending all day every day at home with the kids, when I’m not laying chase, I’m giving my scrolling finger some exercise. Here’s a little bit of what caught my attention this week.

I get very excited about age-appropriate STEM for kids. N*Gen, a science-focused TV show produced by junior high school teachers in Uganda, debuted in North America this week. NPR has a detailed article on the program.

Every year my son’s school honors the Lunar New Year by studying it in class and then hosting a Lunar New Year celebration for students and their families. For obvious reasons, there isn’t going to be large school-wide celebration in the gym this year. A mom I know shared this list of books about Lunar New Year, which is particularly helpful if you’re in relative isolation right now.

Finally, Valentine’s Day is right around the corner and not everyone’s creative juices are flowing. Looking for something super easy and fast to do with your kids? I found this free printable and all it’s missing your little one’s hand print. If you don’t feel like cleaning up a paint-dipped kid hand, tracing and coloring works just as well. Voila!

Stay well and have a great weekend,


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