A Quick and Easy Valentine

Wendy Lias, LSW

My attempts to do anything for Valentine’s Day this year are basically the harried parent equivalent of the scene from a movie where someone is running to catch a train that is already leaving the station. When my son mentioned this morning that he wanted to make something for my mother (if you’re reading this, Mom, please act surprised), I knew that I needed a project that would be quick, easy, and use only the materials that we have at home.

To recreate this Valentine, you need paper and something that makes marks on paper. Position your child’s hands on the paper so that thumbs and pointers are touching and the space between roughly resembles a heart shape. Trace and decorate. You can leave the paper flat or fold and turn into a greeting card.

The energy expenditure here is low and by the time my kids were finished, they were quite pleased with the final effect.

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