Weekend Roundup

Folks, it snowed here in Philadelphia this week, and not just the few pathetic flurries that we had over the last couple of winters. We had actual snow. My son was thrilled and literally dove right in. My daughter, who has no experience with snowy winters was more reluctant. She was very preoccupied with the idea that she might get stuck in the snow and no amount of reassurance or cajoling could convince her otherwise. Want to know what finally won her over? Squirt bottles filled with water and food coloring! This girl has never met an art supply that she didn’t like or a surface that she didn’t feel would benefit from some additional color (I buy Mr. Clean Magic Erasers in bulk). This is a fun snow day hack that can easily be done with items that are already in your house. We currently use any bottle with a squeeze top; but my kids get so into the activity that I’m thinking we’re going to upgrade to these before the next snow. Even if I don’t get around to placing the order, any bottle with a controlled release will work. My weekend will undoubtedly include plenty of time outside playing in the snow. If you’d prefer some indoor diversions this weekend, here are some things that caught our attention:

Philly wasn’t the only place that got hit with snow this week. Check out how this Connecticut-based superintendent announced the snow day to his schools. It’s amazing.

The amazing Christopher Plummer died today. His work spanned decades and includes many memorable performances. If you’d like to celebrate his life and his work this weekend, cuddle up with your kids and watch The Sound of Music. If you’re a Disney+ subscriber, then it’s part of your subscription but there are also many, many other places to find it.

Did you catch The New York Times‘ piece “Three American Mothers, on the Brink“? It’s a part of their Primal Scream series and it honestly made me feel so seen. It’s definitely worth a read.

Finally, The African American Children’s Book Fair which is usually an annual in-person event here in Philadelphia is going to be online this year. Find more here.

Wishing you all a safe and healthy weekend!


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